Our Leadership Practice develops leaders at three levels: personal (“lead myself”), team (“lead my team”), and organization-wide (“leader of leaders”). Leaders who follow the processes will have the ability to execute with excellence and deliver sustained superior results.

Our Solutions:

Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results

The Challenge: Do your leaders know how to unleash the highest and best contribution of their teams towards their organisation’s most critical priorities? Today’s leaders must be able to see their people as ‘whole people’ – body, heart, mind and spirit and be able to manage and lead accordingly.

Our Solution This flagship program helps leaders unleash talent and capability by carrying out a ‘whole person’ way with the 4 Imperatives;

  1. Inspire Trust
  2. Clarify Purpose
  3. Align Systems
  4. Unleash Talent

Operating sequentially (each imperative builds upon another) and simultaneously (leaders should pay attention to all 4 imperatives to sustain outstanding performance), leaders are able to create a place where people want to stay and in which they are enabled to offer their best, time and time again.


Leadership Foundations

The Challenge: Are your high-potential employees ready to lead? As the current generation of leaders marches toward retirement, many organisations are finding it difficult to find qualified replacements in both numbers and experience.

Our Solution: Also embedding our 4 Imperatives, Leadership Foundations prepares existing frontline employees to take on significant leadership roles and responsibilities as they grow in the organisation. Our approach not only ‘future proofs’ against mass exit of experienced leadership but also gives the organisation the ability to retain vital institutional knowledge and well as attract and retain high potential employees.


The 7 Habits for Managers
The Challenge: 70% of today’s top performers lack critical attributes essential for their success in future roles. This lack of leadership skills on an individual, team and/or organisation basis to have sustained lasting success through effectively leading themselves, influencing, engaging and collaborating with others to continually improve and renew their capabilities

Our Solution: 7 Habits for Effective People is renowned as the world’s premier personal leadership development solution. The recently launched Signature Edition 4.0 aligns timeless principles of effectiveness with modern technology and practices.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program

The Challenge: Today’s managers constantly need to be a step ahead with regards to insights and tools to use in the current and future challenges.

Our Solution: The 7 Habits for Managers Program empowers leaders to leverage hidden resources, define their contribution, hold team members accountable, give constructive feedback and unleash the potential of the team to achieve crucial goals. This program focuses on the following 7 Habits;

  1. Habit 1 – Be Proactive The Habit of Personal Responsibility
  2. Habit 2 – Begin with the end in mind The Habit of Personal Vision
  3. Habit 3 – Put first things First The Habit of Personal Management
  4. Habit 4 –  Think Win-Win The Habit of Mutual Benefit
  5. Habit 5 – Seek first to understand , then to be understood The Habit of Empathic Communication
  6. Habit 6 – Synergize The Habit of Creative Cooperation
  7. Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw The Habit of Daily Self- Renewal


The 7 Habits Foundations


The Challenge: Organisation’s success depends on strong individual performance and all levels from non-managerial, administration and staff level employees. Great performance requires a common set of values, behaviours and skills that align individual capability to your organisation’s strategy.

Our Solution 7 Habits Foundations taps into the employees’ best. We introduce foundational principles, paradigms and practices of the 7 Habits Signature content. Learn timeless principles of human effectiveness to propel you toward greater maturity and performance. True success comes from the inside-out private victory then public victory.


Leadership Modules
Building Process Excellence

How well do your organization’s core processes drive results? Every organization has processes and steps designed. How well they work is another matter. Can your leaders measure how effective their processes are? Can those processes be improved? Building Process Excellence delivers the knowledge and tools for making good processes into great processes and helps leaders understand how great systems operate to enable systematic, predictable results.

Clarifying Team Purpose and Strategy

Employees who don’t understand how their jobs align with the organization’s key goals are more likely to produce simply adequate rather than exceptional work. When organizations fail to ensure that employees have a clear understanding of how their contributions support the overall purpose, time and resources are squandered on aimless pursuits and busywork. This module aligns employees to achieve success through leadership principles, processes and tools focused on the organization’s most important goals.

Inspiring Trust

For organizations the hidden costs of low-trust work environments can rob them of their competitive advantage and credibility. Low trust issues like bureaucracy, politics, redundancy and high turnover rates can negate speed-to market advantages and bring productivity to a screeching halt. Inspiring Trust teaches leadership why building a high-trust work environment must be as essential as any other measurable economic goal of the organization.

Unleashing Talent

In an economy where competitive edge relies on the skills and knowledge of the workers in your organization, today’s leaders must know how to unleash this new generation’s talent. Leaders should have a new mind-set, skill-set, and tool-set that allows the knowledge-worker generation to tap into their employees’ most valuable talents and abilities to witness extraordinary results from happier, more engaged co-workers.

Leading across Generations

For the first time in history, there are four distinct generations in the workforce: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, all with their own perspectives, styles, and expectations often leading to misunderstandings, stereotypes, and conflicts. Leading across Generations gives leaders a profound understanding of the differences between generations, the importance of putting those differences to work in finding more creative solutions to problems, fostering robust, productive dialog and engaging team members in giving their highest and best contributions.


Leadership 7 habits

The New 7 Habits 4.0

  1. More than 30 new world-class videos.
  2. 20 new practices aligned to the habits.
  3. Tools to reinforce skill development.
  4. Redesigned 7 Habits Assessment.

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